In the full list of 23 people in the Zhang Chengdong column Mei Fu Huan back two unsuccessful-kimi wo omou melodi

In the full list of 23 people in the Zhang Chengdong column: Mei Fu Huan back two defeat Lippi determine the country full list of Beijing on November 15th morning, the AFC official to update the 2018 World Cup Asian zone 12 finals fifth round of team members. After a day before the joint meeting of communication, Chinese team temporarily identified 23 people played 15 day match list. Two full backs are let go, respectively, Zhang Chengdong and Fu Huan, and the other wounded Mei fang are on the list. This period of training, the national team a total of 25 players recruited. In accordance with the rules of the World Cup qualifiers, each team can apply for up to 23 people in each game. Therefore, in the eve of the war in the card, the new coach Lippi will make 25-2 subtraction work, which was also a topic of great concern to the outside world. However, along with the national team in the final practice before the game, Zhang Chengdong and Mei Fangjun, two of the wounded is jogging alone, the team did not participate in drills with the ball. It is widely speculated: may ultimately unsuccessful list of 23 players, Zhang Chengdong and Mei fang two. It is understood that Zhang Chengdong’s injury compared with the plum side, there are still some differences. Zhang Chengdong belongs to the leg injury, is not easy to immediately recover, and in the last 6 days, he did not go to the ball training, the best condition is just on the sidelines, jogging alone adjustment. Therefore, if the final selection of the card to the war of 23 people to apply for the list, it is not surprising. It is caused by Mei fang, flawed belongs to confrontation, and in the last two days, the medical team has been trying to make rehabilitation, want the defender can catch 15 Hengda game. After all, before the training, Mei fang has been included in the main line of defense, combined with the Feng feng. According to the Chinese team on the morning of 15 to update the list of the 23 people, Mei fang finally on the list. But as to whether it can play, the prospects are not clear, all the circumstances have to wait for the medical team 15 am diagnosis. In the 6 hours before the start of the game, this list of the 23 people can still be changed. As for the unsuccessful Fu Huan, how much surprise. Because in the previous training class, when the injury after the withdrawal of the plum side, Fu Huan was once used by Lippi to take over, took the fight to play after the left wing of the left flank of the fight to play in the back of the road to be changed by the way of the change of the right side of the left side of the road after the change of the right side of the left wing of the center of the road to be replaced by the right side of the road. This is a plan once regarded as the coaching staff, the worst case is Mei fang, Zhang Chengdong also sidelined, Fu Huan for temporary use. However, in the final after careful consideration, perhaps taking into account Fu Huan’s experience is still shallow, there is no national team game experience, the new scheme began to arise spontaneously, for example, to play Li Xuepeng or Zhao Mingjian, the position to replace the Mei fang. In this context, Fu Huan temporarily adjusted the list of 23 people, naturally can understand. Although according to the AFC information temporarily by Fu Huan, Zhang Chengdong lost the card in the battle the list of 23 people. But back when the national team against South Korea, Syria, have occurred in the day of the game on the same day at noon, the event of a temporary change in the list of 23 people. Therefore, 15 am this version is not necessarily the final battle of the card in the 23. As for the captain, Ripinin相关的主题文章: