In Hangzhou alone women stolen at night, police fingerprint identification cleverly cracked mystery -misao

An elderly woman in Hangzhou night stolen police fingerprint broken mystery case 27 year old Qiao Wen after graduating from college, hard work alone in Hangzhou. That just graduated two years, can only choose Wenwen impecunious and others flat-share, however, with the increase in jobs, income Wenwen is also slowly improved, and soon, she moved into a single apartment, lived a solitary life. At the beginning of a personal life, Wenwen heart also there is always a trace of worry, because often in the media to see some women living alone is burglary news. However, Wen Wen thought, their own residential security facilities or very good, plus the district security patrol is also very professional, what should not be a big problem, gradually to calm down. One night a few months ago, Wen Wen as usual, after washing clothes, closed the room from the balcony into the glass door is not locked, it is this oversight, to "a gentleman in mid-air opportunity. The second day early in the morning, when you wake up find themselves Wenwen, the house is a mess, notebook computer in the library on the desk, there are thirty thousand yuan in the drawer are gone. She hastened to call the police. After the police investigation at the scene, in the study on the desk of the extraction of four even the index finger, according to the principle and judgment for the left hand force, eat, and even a small ring, at the same time, investigators also found that in the center of the index finger on the right side there is a special "small hook". Subsequently, the police on the surrounding residential staff Wenwen investigation, eventually locked the suspect in Wen Wang on home upstairs. With the field fingerprint comparison, the police found Wang’s index finger fingerprint and field fingerprint features agree well with other, just at the scene fingerprint tick on the position of a dot, that is not completely consistent, however, through analysis and comparison, professional trace appraisal expert recently, the police eventually closed, this is Wang arch-criminal burglary, theft. So, how does the expert of trace identification eliminate this difference and conclude that Xiao Wang is the suspect? Zhejiang forensic center Hambo traces authenticator shall loose money recently told the Daily reporter, this is due to a suspect pry drawer when in use, with his left hand down the drawer at the top of the desk, and the desk surface because the finger contact pressure, make the skin around the center of accumulation, thus causing deformation of small ridge point, forming a "small hook". This "small hook" is the result of the deformation of the fingerprint, not the essential difference, does not affect the identification of the same conclusion. Should loose said, if the burglary, must not panic, in the timely report at the same time, to do a good job on the scene of the crime protection work, it for the police to find clues, collect evidence, quick detection will play a big role.

在杭独居女子深夜被偷 办案民警指纹鉴定巧破谜案   27岁的雯雯大学毕业后,独自一人在杭州打拼。刚毕业那两年,囊中羞涩的雯雯只能选择和别人合租,不过,随着职位的上升,雯雯的收入也慢慢提高了,很快,她就搬进了单身公寓,过起了独居生活。   刚刚开始一个人生活,雯雯的内心也总有一丝担忧,因为经常在媒体上看到一些独居女性被入室偷窃的消息。不过,雯雯转念一想,自己小区的安保设施还是挺不错的,加上小区的巡逻保安也很敬业,应该不会有什么大问题,渐渐地也就放下心来。   几个月前的一个夜晚,雯雯像往常一样,取完洗衣机洗好的衣服,随手关上了从阳台进入屋内的玻璃门,却没有反锁,正是这一时的疏忽,给了“梁上君子”可乘之机。   第二天一早,雯雯醒来的时候,发现自己的屋内一片狼籍,放在书房办公桌上的笔记本电脑,还有抽屉里的三万元人民币都不见了。她赶紧报了警。   经过警方的现场勘查,在书房的办公桌上提取了四个连指指纹,根据形成的原理以及作用力,判断为左手食、中、环、小四连指,同时,办案人员还发现在食指中心的右侧有一个特殊的“小勾”。   随后,警方对雯雯住宅周边的人员进行排查,最终将犯罪嫌疑人锁定在住在雯雯家楼上的小王身上。通过与现场指纹对比,警方发现小王的食指指纹和现场指纹其他特征吻合较好,只是在现场指纹“小勾”的位置上有个小点,这一点又不能完全吻合,不过,通过专业痕迹鉴定专家的分析比对,最近,警方最终结案,小王就是这起入室偷盗的罪魁祸首。   那么,痕迹鉴定专家是如何排除这一差异,断定小王就是犯罪嫌疑人的呢?浙江汉博司法鉴定中心痕迹鉴定人应松松近日告诉钱报记者,这是由于嫌疑人在使用一字起撬抽屉时,用左手压住抽屉上方的办公桌面时,由于手指与办公桌表面接触时压力较大,使中心周围的皮肤堆积,从而引起纹线中小点的变形,形成“小勾”。这个“小勾”就是手印变形的结果,不是本质的差异,不影响认定同一结论。   应松松说,如果发生入室盗窃,一定不要惊慌,在及时报案的同时,要做好对案发现场的保护工作,它对于警方发现线索,搜集证据,快速破案将起到很大的作用。相关的主题文章: