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Hengda 6 consecutive offensive graphic combination: efficient foreign aid + iron Gao Lin Hengda 6 consecutive Phoenix sports news in the 1-1 draw with Yanbian Fu Tak, Guangzhou Hengda won the season ahead of two super champion, achieved 6 consecutive There was no parallel in history.. In the process of implementation of Hengda 6 consecutive Albert in attacking players is definitely a great tribute to. Since the 6 season, Hengda year offensive combination can change, which is only 6 years of a person’s position – he is Gao Lin unshakable. The 2011 season, Gao Lin was promoted to super Hengda, the attack line with 3 foreign aid Muriqui, Cleo and conca. Gao Lin scored 11 goals in 29 league games, winning the first Hengda Super League champions made distinctions won in battle. 2012 season, Hengda followed the last season, the 3 foreign aid attack combination. This year, including Gao Lin, including the attack line of the 4 players have declined, Gao Lin scored only 6 goals in the last 24 games, is the biggest goal since joining the League over the years after the season. However, Hengda or get access to the super two championships. The 2013 season Hengda offensive line, El Eriksson has replaced Cleo’s position, he formed the strongest Conca and Muriqui in the history of foreign aid Hengda trident. Gao Lin has done well this season, scoring 8 goals in 28 games. In addition to Hengda won the super 3 Championships, won the championship for the first time is AFC Champions League, El Eriksson and especially conca. The 2014 season, Hengda attack line big shake, Conca and Muriqui all left the team. El Kessen, Gao Lin, and the main rival to become the main force of the attack on the rival, and became the main force of the attack on the world, the main force of the attack. Gao Lin scored 8 goals in 28 Games, while aierkesen 28 mad broke into the 28 ball, held by Li Jinyu in the single season scoring record of 4 consecutive super Hengda is the first of his. The 2015 season, Hengda invested heavily in the introduction of the GalAT, the transfer is very successful. GalAT scored 19 goals in 27 league games, Gao Lin scored 13 goals in 25 games, a record high of individuals. Hengda won the Super 5 Championships, and won the championship again AFC Champions League, GalAT and Gao Lingong No. This season, Hengda attack became, Alan, Gao Lin and Paulino galat. GalAT to super performance, Gao Lin scored 7 goals in 27 games, the general state of. Since joining Gao Lin Hengda since at least every season can be ranked in the team top scorer in the top 4, also proved his strength. It can be said that these years Hengda attack combination evolution, can use the "flow of foreign aid, iron Gao Lin" to summarize. (gradually)相关的主题文章: