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Hangzhou, a sales office to crack the room? Housing management departments: suspected undocumented real original title: Hangzhou, a real estate grab room to break? The Housing Department: suspected undocumented sellers Xinhua Hangzhou September 30th new media news (reporter Ma Jian, Wu Shuaishuai) a "Hangzhou real estate opening to grab the squeezing into" video recently spread on the Internet, causing users concern. Some users feel the heat of the property market, there are users questioned the developers suspected of speculation. 30 reporters from the Hangzhou District of Xiaoshan city housing and Urban Construction Bureau, the video market "Longhu · Chunjiang Cullinan" suspected undocumented sellers, has been ordered to make rectification. In this period of 1 minutes of surveillance video, the time marked at 9:17 on the morning of September 24th. In the picture, the sales offices of the security door will open the door just from the inside, the outside flow quickly in the flow of people, gradually increased. After 10 seconds, the unbelievable scene took place, the left and right sides of the door is outside of the flow from the top, right side door directly from the door fell to the ground, on a man’s leg. The left side of the door as a result of another security timely reinforcement, and finally return to the right without a frame. Stream of people began to ease in thirtieth seconds, during which there have been continuous development of staff to divert people. Reporter preliminary estimates, just 1 minutes of video recording, the influx of the door close to nearly 150 people. Real estate sales offices involved in the video, located in Hangzhou city Xiaoshan District Olympic plate. Reporters came to the day before, to see the sales office door from time to time to drive people to come to showings, including foreign license plates. The video has been poured into the right side of the door has been re reset the ground, there are traces of the door frame reinforcement. Suspension sliding door door belongs to the sales offices on the rail, a direct result of the 24 day was packed out flow from the lower door. Asked about the matter, a staff surnamed Guo admitted he had carefully conceal mentioning, video of the scene, but refused to disclose more details, the company does not let us say". Property consultant Xiao Tao told reporters that the 24 day is the sales offices of the open day, many customers have the intention to come to the house, the site also launched a raise. "At that time, the first batch of 300 chips made from, do not recognize the full recognition." Xiao Tao said, later in order to deal with customer mood, promise to customers who are able to complete the identification chips. Brand manager of Longhu Hangzhou real estate company Du Jia admitted that the 24 day, and they did a real estate news website cooperation from the group purchase activities. Originally estimated to have 500 to 600 groups of customers, the results of the number of visitors exceeded our expectations." Du Jia said that the day of the 24 does not involve opening, real estate and even the model room is not open. For users questioned, responded by saying that the way out of the video is being investigated, the sales offices are open to all developers have a link. The current market environment is overheating, but not enough heat to hype. The reporter further investigation found that the real estate has not been pre-sale permits, the so-called "from the group purchase activities are irregularities, suspected unlicensed sellers. Xiaoshan Hangzhou district housing and Urban Construction Bureau of the residential industry branch official said that the building.相关的主题文章: