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Han said the boat was fishing boat sank China said to use weapons of Chinese – Sohu news caption: September 30th, the ROK investigation board fishermen fire China fishing [Global Times reporter Fan Lingzhi Global Times special correspondent Li Daming] according to Yonhap news agency reported on 9, South Korea’s Inchon sea guard safety agency said the same day, the 7 day at 15 pm, Inchon city Ongjin small Qingdao area, a fishing boat sank the South Korean coastguard boats Chinese escape. At present, the police are wanted. The South Korean Ministry of foreign affairs in Northeast Asia Council official Consul General of 9 summoned Chinese embassy consular section in protest, and asked China to punish someone fishing, take strict measures to prevent similar incidents from happening again. According to the Inchon maritime patrol security department described the Korean maritime police boats was sunk in the fight against illegal fishing. A maritime police boat jumped into the sea after being picked up, causing no casualties. Because the fishing boat is likely to have reached the waters of China, if there is no cooperation with the Chinese side, can not catch. Central South Korea maritime patrol security headquarters 9 summoned the Deputy Consul General of consular Chinese embassy, asked China to arrest someone Chinese fishing as soon as possible to be punished, to increase efforts to prevent and combat illegal fishing. At present, about this version of events are from South Korea, China has not yet released the survey results. To accept the "Global Times" reporter on the 9 day, the development research center researcher Yu Zhirong said that China marine fishing boats, speed is certainly not catch the boat, so it should be South Korea catch accidental collision occurred only in the process of the buckle block, because the small boat, it is easy to capsize due to collision. At present, South Korea is not only a unilateral determination to determine whether the Chinese fishing boat is illegal, does not rule out Chinese fishermen fishing in their traditional fishing grounds. But the 9 day, the South Korean media to the sound of a cry Chinese fishermen. South Korean "national daily" editorial said, South Korean coastguard vessels China hit the scene as the "battlefield", taking into account the public power "the incident of Korea maritime police raped", now it is necessary to strengthen the use of weapons of China fishermen. South Korea, "Central Daily" also said no mercy on Chinese fishing boats. The Korean maritime police incident as "attempted murder", said the future will actively use the prior restraint of firearms and other measures. Yu Zhirong on the Global Times reporter, said the cooperation between China and South Korea, the two sides of the marine fisheries dispute has been calm for more than a year. Fishermen in the Yellow Sea, China, the Chinese side to encourage them to shore, but it is impossible to solve the livelihood of so many fishermen. After all, China and South Korea are not hostile countries, fisheries disputes should be resolved through a joint cruise. Brutal means of Korea maritime police would make Chinese fishermen very fear, so desperately against. According to Yonhap news agency, September 29th, a China boat fire in South Korea’s exclusive economic zone, 3 China fishermen killed. The time of the incident, police broke the window to the boat after the earthquake bomb throwing turbine indoor fire. The report said, whether there is a direct relationship between the bomb explosion and fire is the key to the investigation. The current investigation is underway to identify the cause of the fire about 3 weeks.相关的主题文章: