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Fuzhou AMT machine brush face ATM teller machine for 1 minutes will be able to get money to brush face withdrawals, "mark Strait news network November 19th welcome to brush face withdrawal" (Strait Metropolis Daily reporter Zheng Liangwen (micro-blog) map) brush face can take money! It was a joke in the past, and it has become a reality in Fuzhou recently. It is reported that China Merchants Bank and China Construction Bank launched new functions of ATM in banyan. Reporter experience found, according to the prompt, no need to insert bank cards, 1 minutes can get money, simple operation. Yesterday, the reporter saw in the CMB ATM 54 North Taihe square in front of the bank card is inserted into the mouth at the top with a red "welcome to brush face withdrawal" logo, next to a customer for brush face camera. It is reported that the core part of "brush face withdrawals" is software, which is face recognition technology. At the same time, the system is connected to the ID card database of the public security department to realize face recognition and contrast verification. Reporter according to the ATM machine right upper corner of the prompt, on the screen according to "brush face withdrawals button 4", the face alignment camera, waiting for acquisition portrait. Then, the cell phone number is reserved in the bank, waiting for the system to feedback the human face to collect information. After "brush face", click on the screen to select the withdrawal bank card, enter the amount of withdrawals and withdrawals password. The limit is 3000 yuan per person per day, and the whole process is about 1 minutes. Dr. Silver said, they have been in the Mawei FTA and 54 North CAC two units launched "brush face ATM machine, the next step will be to promote. In addition, CCB will soon launch several "ATM" machines in Fuzhou. Is it safe to withdraw money? It is understood that the brush face ATM technology has a multilayered security protection, including face recognition, mobile phone number authentication, password authentication and so on, even the twins can be recognized. In addition, people who are fat or thinner don’t have to worry about the system. But if you had a facelift, the system may not recognize, at this time, people need to re apply for identity cards to the police station, in the public security system to update their photos. (Strait network)

福州AMT机可“刷脸”取款了 1分钟就能取到钱可刷脸取款的ATM机上,有“欢迎体验刷脸取款”的标识海峡网11月19日讯(海峡都市报(微博)记者 郑靓 文 图)“刷脸”就能取钱!这在过去是开玩笑的话,近日在福州变成了现实。据悉,招行、建行分别在榕推出ATM机新功能。记者体验发现,根据提示,无需插入银行卡,1分钟就能取到钱,操作简单。昨日,记者在五四北泰禾广场的招银ATM机前看到,银行卡插入口上 方有一个红色的“欢迎体验刷脸取款”标识,旁边有一个供储户“刷脸”的摄像头。据悉,“刷脸取款”的核心部分在于软件,就是人脸识别技术。同时,该系统还连接到公安部门的身份证数据库,以实现人脸识别及对照验证。记者根据ATM机右上角的提示,在显示屏上按“刷脸取款按键4”后,把脸对准摄像头,等待采集人像。随后,输入预留在银行的手机号码,等待系统反馈人脸采集信息。“刷脸”通过后,在屏幕上点击选择取款银行卡,输入取款金额和取款密码即可。该行每人每日“刷脸取款”的限额是3000元,整个过程大概1分钟。招银方面称,他们已在马尾自贸区和五四北泰禾推出两台可“刷脸”ATM机,下一步将全面推广。此外,建行也即将在福州投放多台可“刷脸”的ATM机。如此取款安全吗?据了解,“刷脸”取款技术拥有多层安全防护,包括人脸识别、手机号码验证、密码验证等,甚至连双胞胎都能分辨出来。另外,长胖或变瘦的市民,也无需担心系统认不出来。但如果做过整容,系统可能就认不出来,这时,市民需到派出所重新办理身份证,更新自己留在公安系统的照片。(海峡网)相关的主题文章: