From the perspective of the new heroes Sombra is the death of the woman aspack

From the perspective of the new heroes: Sombra is the death of the woman? Game player "poison syringe" from the perspective of the voice actors step by step to explore new hero Sombra’s true identity, he found Dorado, the little girl is possible with Sombra’s voice is the same person, hence the "corollary Sombra= little girl". But this is only the author’s personal speculation, the specific circumstances, such as Blizzard officially announced to implement. Soldiers of the 76 animated "hero" Dorado in the little girl before a few secret nuclear transport tubing on a Sombra death and the relationship between father and daughter guess: after reading I think this brain hole is reasonable, at least there are a lot of evidence to justify and I immediately thought of the little girl Dorado before the Internet came Alejandra voice Brigitte Kali to Sombra voice message: while Brigitte Kali on his IMDB page also updated to Sombra voice entry: but the strange thing is, now you go on her personal Sombra page information has been cancelled, instead of the Alejandra we see that in 2017 the above Baby Driver will be able to know the same person though there may be a Brigitte Kali out of the Sombra voice work, but it is also possible for Blizzard Secrecy requires her to cancel her personal page information, right? If the latter is the case, this is a bit more Blizzard mean honestly the beginning when I saw the news is not that Alejandra and Sombra are the same person, even if the same voice, I still think the one who played the two corners of the possibility of relatively large, because the theme of animation from Hero 76 look, the timeline Alejandra may not have much time to grow into a new hero, if Blizzard insists the little girl grew up playing the next crossing back over to help the old Jiumingenren stalk is too boring but I have seen the death and Alejandra of the relationship between father and daughter guess after I started to think the possibility is not no, the reasons are as follows: 1. Watch the pioneer who played the two corners without precedent, there is no need to save money in this blizzard, also not bad money, although the voice is a monster, but there is no sufficient reason, is not necessary for a person with two unrelated roles, so the two people with at least Brigitte Kali in the story Association of the close 2. Game map of the newspaper on the Sombra silhouette, body shape is not much like adults 3. The recently released Sombra skull and head logo is a comparison of the type of Q, Sombra is the possibility of adults once again reduced, with the death of the Mexico skin corresponding to 4. Hero animation at the beginning of the mother has a few meaningful lines: I tell about the H.相关的主题文章: