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Pig – friendly farewell Maier national first team ball Germany 2-0 Finland pig kick Phoenix sports news Beijing time 2:45 on September 1st, an international football match at Borussia Park, the two sides in Germany and Finland, this is Schweinsteiger’s national team farewell. The first half, Ella Yuri rescue the ball hit the post; gotze missed break opportunities. The second half, Marx Maier scored his first goal. Schweinsteiger in sixty-eighth minutes was replaced by Weigel, accept the applause of the audience. Mesut Ozil’s shot hit the defender in the net. The countdown stage, to resolve each other’s single ball lionel. Finally, the German team to 2-0 victory over Finland. In June 6, 2004, Schweinsteiger played in the friendly against Hungary in Hungary, completed the national team debut. The 2014 World Cup, the pig as the German team players, the team won the world cup. The pig has played for the national team for more than 12 years, scoring a total of 120 appearances and scoring a total of 24 goals. This is the 121st time the pig with the German team, before the scene issued its award. The start of the game, the Finland team took the lead. Eighth minutes, the box on the right side of the ball, Brant, was a ball defender out failure. Fourteenth minutes outside the restricted area, Maier was lying on the ground to get her long-range goalkeeper. Seventeenth minutes, Schweinsteiger kick frontcourt place kick, the ball hits on the human wall chuledixian; Maier corner, Mustafi header header high. Twenty-fourth minutes, the German team backcourt steals a counterattack, Maier straight to the forbidden area, Flanders xiadichuanzhong is defensive player siege on the line. Twenty-seventh minutes, the German team to pass in the left box, ALA Yuri rescue almost self goal, but the ball hit the post. Thirty-second minutes ago, gertze get the ball into the penalty area, then he waded the keeper of the door was blocked by a defender. Thirty-third minutes, the German team left to pass in the restricted area, the middle of the Flemish kicker barb fighting is not right, Rabbi Bella Ruth hit high ball shot burst. Thirty-sixth minutes, Maier outside the attempt to put a long-range anti-aircraft guns. Forty-second minutes, suehler periphery was at Lengjian by goalkeeper saved the bottom line on the ground. Forty-third minutes, Schweinsteiger straight, the ball forward was blown offside. The end of the first half, two goalless draw 0-0. Easy to fight again, Germany. Both teams make personnel adjustments, the German team removed Te Mars Tegan, Lionel changed; the Finland team with Hamalainen off the podium. Forty-ninth minutes, Mustafi was injured fell to the ground, but did not affect the continuation of the game. Fifty-second minutes, Flanders leans on the defensive player left into the box, then his cross pass directly to the bottom line. Fifty-fifth minutes, the German team from the right to the area, before the point of Flanders a clever leak, Maier follow up a shovel, the ball into, this is his first goal in the national team, the 1-0, the German team lead. Fifty-seventh minutes, Schweinsteiger peripheral cold shot was blocked. Sixty-first minutes, there are fans rushed into the room and Schweinsteiger photo. Sixty-third minutes, Mesut Ozil replaced Hector debut. Sixty-fifth minutes, the German team inclined to the restricted area, Mustafi did not stop the strike, Gecede)相关的主题文章: