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FF’s first production car will be equipped with laser radar? Sohu car FF first production models will be equipped with laser radar?" The latest news about the music as a strategic partner FaradayFuture production car again shocking. Recently, the official micro-blog FF exposure laser radar video, a top car lifting and wrote: "the laser radar is a key element of the automatic driving system of FaradayFuture, NASA developed this technology so that we can also perceive and track tens of thousands of targets." At the same time, video and photos of FF’s first production model of the road test a few days ago the major media exposure, the car roof has also appeared in suspected laser radar equipment. Some analysts believe that with FF’s first production vehicle listing time countdown, laser radar or will enter the production stage, then FF will become the world’s one can realize the automatic driving technology of production enterprises. This will not only change the global users on autopilot technology view, but also means that in the field of automatic driving the first layout of FF, as well as its strategic partner LETV has close relations of cooperation, has won the first mover advantage. In fact, FF is the music as the most in-depth cooperation in the United States, the closest strategic partner, the two sides have been in the automotive, intelligent, cloud technology and other aspects of deep sharing and cooperation. Previously, music, as chairman Jia Yueting had predicted intelligent Internet, automation is one of the important trends in the future development of the global automotive industry. Therefore, whether it is music, as well as FF, in the date of its entry into the automotive field, began to layout this area. Not only that, at present, LETV and FF is still in the research and development personnel structure construction, speed up the layout, it is not difficult to predict, the two in the field of unmanned mongolianeye run enterprises, will work together to win the future of the global automotive industry. FF production car equipped with laser radar to restore the confidence of users after the automatic driving at the end of August FF production car spy photos, this car is newer and more fine road test spy photos and video recently appeared in China each big website. This makes it extremely popular in the automotive industry FF has again become the focus of attention. The media reported that, compared with the previously released spy information, the exposure of the video and the road test spy already can vaguely see some front grille and headlight design, the. At the same time through video, compared with the next running RIO, the body seems to be greater, while the latter has reached 4.3 meters long. It is not difficult to see, FF’s first production car is indeed a wheelbase of 5 meters or so D class car. Of particular concern is that in the road test of FF the first production car roof can clearly see a black module, "it seems to be a laser radar, which indicates that the FF of the first model is likely to achieve automatic driving technology." Some media pointed out. FF is the first production car of the latest spy photos (red circle suspected laser radar) any speculation is not without root water. Recently, in the field of automatic driving technology research has been at the forefront of FF, its official micro-blog and WeChat have announced that the laser.相关的主题文章: