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The exposure Ukraine fights Gao Hongbo or class China [information] exposure over football acquaintances Ukraine fights Gao Hongbo or Chinese class football took over Xi’an electric news [reporter acquaintance Zhao Rui] Chinese home court team lost to the Syria team, only 12 strong qualifying prospects become slim, but coach Gao Hongbo deep into a crisis of confidence. It is reported that if the China team can not win, or even just to get a point, "Gao Hongbo opera" career may be huashangjuhao. 6 evening, Chinese team returned to the station after the Chinese Football Association President Cai Zhenhua did not eat dinner, thus, sleepwalk, wowonangnang, not clear to lose to win, Cai Zhenhua quite depressed. Moreover, in March 29th this year after the Xi’an fans call him "class", 6 days after the end of the game, "class" sound again in the Suzaku stadium sounded, and directed at him, even if Cai Zhenhua open mindedness is also difficult. The football association has started coaching program? China team yesterday canceled the training team to stay in the hotel gym to do physical training. At 11 this morning, the team from Xi’an charter flights to the capital of Tashkent, local time, around PM arrived. According to the plan, the team will resume training in the evening. With the Uzbekistan team, Chinese team only get 3 points to resolve currently facing 12 stage survival crisis and a crisis of confidence, but on the Syrian war Chinese team performance, just 4 days is very difficult to break through what. Chinese team the next game losing streak against the home court in November 15th in Kunming, Qatar, the game will be carried out with Ukraine war interval for more than a month, if China team in Ukraine war is still hard to get a win, do not rule out the Chinese Football Association launched an emergency plan to Gao Hongbo midway class may. Moreover, in the Chinese team coach is likely to be a familiar China football world class coach. From time to speculate, this possibility is established.相关的主题文章: