Double 11 packaging waste bubble film has magical effect! Sohu –sunny came home

Double 11 packaging waste: bubble film has magical effect! Sohu – mother pro, when you receive a ten small express, not anxious to tear up the package, touchBOX send you clever use of bubble film ideas, let you double eleven in addition to buy buy buy, harvest also full of creativity! Bubble Wrap’s hand cute baby it is going to the clouds, the ticking rain from the ground. All waste is used, the cute little girl is a spoon to do oh. Cut a few bubble film into a baby octopus tentacles, wonderful! Too much like scale effect, like nature itself in the clay): rubbing under the bubble shape, very chic. The crocodile’s skin is so rough that the lush canopy seems to be full of red fruit. Two super simple manual tray, suitable for infant baby try. Feel the wool super fluffy soft ah! Bubble Wrap for your gift with rubbing graffiti lovely Apple seal. Can also be elegant blue seal. The blue and green planet is our beautiful earth. A beautiful rainbow, two white clouds. Homemade petals seal, copy a beautiful flowers. DIY your Christmas card is so simple. Bubble Wrap action game let the baby jump up, leaving a happy footprint. To accelerate the pace of running together, hands and feet, see who pinched more bubbles. Can also be used as a racing track, do not worry about grinding the floor. Bubble Wrap with the whole life bubble film can be used as decorative wall painting room, as long as you have enough patience): rubbing cloth, let ordinary also can show the beautiful. Grid chocolate cake embryo, clever use of it?! This is not like a bee hive?! Whether the box or bubble film, we have everything received whole as a "gift", do not easily discard it, use the moving hands, it can also play a greater role, the beauty of life and fun that you create. Pictures from the network touchBOX creating artistic enlightenment from parents company begin touchBOX small hit off, work hard and hope to make life art popularization; touchBOX small hit off, want to become the parents of keys, open children to the door of art; touchBOX small hit off, want to be a child in the hands of the brush, the expression in their eyes to the beauty of the world; touchBOX hit off, want to accompany their parents and children will art into life, feel the charm of art and beauty. TouchBOX small hit customers, specifically for the age of 3-8 years old children to design the theme of the year 12 orders, monthly courier home to send 1相关的主题文章: