Comment the protection of the rights and interests of foreign sides can become home liuxiaobo

Comment: the protection of the rights to a drift "homeland security" drift "rights can become a home of the national health and Family Planning Commission recently issued the" China Department of floating population dynamic population development report 2016 ". The report shows that in 2015 the size of China’s floating population of 247 million people, accounting for about 18% of the total population, equivalent to one in every six people is a floating population. Internet users believe that in the face of the possibility of long-term maintenance of a high number of floating population, should further improve the relevant policies and regulations, and effectively protect the survival and development rights of the floating population to promote the process of social urbanization. The local government should act according to the report, the next ten or twenty years, China is still in the stage of rapid development of urbanization, in accordance with the "planning" national new urbanization process, there are more than 200 million of the population still Chinese 2020. "13th Five-Year" period, the population continued to gather along the coast, along the main traffic line area, large city and mega city population growth, the proportion of migrant workers in the central and western regions increased significantly. Many Internet users believe that the large floating population on social governance and social structure will have a huge impact on the ability to test the government. "The policy should be to not offside, should not take a simple control way, but should give full play to the leading role of the market." Netizen "Hu Caimei" believes that the so-called "promising" is the flow, to carry out the work in accordance with the law. The government should clearly understand the objective laws of the migrant population, and on the basis of scientific analysis and prediction of city population size, and speed up the reform of relevant system, reasonable planning of city infrastructure and public services, to synchronize the city’s development and governance level and population growth, enhance people’s sense of happiness and gain a sense of. The so-called "offside" is to respect the laws of the market, chaos as. On the issue of population mobility, we should give full play to the leading role of the market, clean up the obstacles to the market mechanism to play a role in the policy, to build a fully market-oriented cost of living price signal system. Public policy should be timely adjustment of some netizens pointed out that with the number of floating population is likely to remain high for long, should further improve the policy support of public policy, household registration, social security, education and timely adjust the proper meaning when. So, in order to "drift" a change of hometown. Netizens Du Yimei said, due to the long-term mechanism of urban and rural residents two yuan and the limitations of the household registration system, China’s social security there are two mechanisms. Those with city household residents, the legal and policy support in terms of social security, enjoy the material guarantee, and the economic and social development for the city made a huge contribution to the non city residence of workers, but the lack of legal system and policy support, but could not get the qualitative material guarantee. Netizens Wang Zongping that conform to the trend of the rural population transfer into the city, the floating population into the urban social security system, improve the convergence of social security and continuous system, gradually improve the social security level, is a necessary requirement for improving the well-being of the floating population. It is suggested to give priority to the construction of industrial injury insurance and medical insurance system for floating population. The long-term work, living in the city’s floating population into the urban subsistence allowances and basic insurance for urban workers, migrant workers and their families living difficulties, into the scope of social insurance subsidies. Sound coverage.相关的主题文章: