Commemorative coins issued in the end is good or bad y580

The huge amount of commemorative coins issued in the end is good or not good Hangzhou G20 summit commemorative coins will be issued commemorative coins is a special event to commemorate the event of the central bank, which is equivalent to the current currency in circulation on the market. But in the China coins since, due to historical reasons, not only the issuance of commemorative coins is low, and the external circulation is not transparent, most of which flows to the coin collection market, so the coins in the collection area has a considerable appreciation of space. Commemorative coins issued in the end is good or bad? However, since the beginning of last year, commemorative coins in circulation began to increase rapidly, which for the collection, unfavorable factors is far higher than that of favorable factors, the main reason is that the society is not universally accepted as a common currency circulation commemorative coins, commemorative coins so very low consumption, circulation is equivalent to the amount of surviving. Coin collection value and therefore it is difficult to improve, after all of the rare coins, and has long been taking currency based market value driven, and now more coins in the hands of collectors to grasp, speculation based currency business, the lack of grasp are not favorable for speculation. In the case of a huge issue of commemorative coins, commemorative coins circulation can not be consumed, but lost the ability to appreciate. Therefore, it was suggested that the central bank will be issued in the future to reduce the amount of coins issued, otherwise it will obliterate the flow of commemorative coins market, the flow of commemorative coins will lose its investment value added, dilute the significance of collection. So, this argument is reasonable? In fact, this idea is not comprehensive, not the meaning of commemorative coins in circulation, but "Circulation", commemorative coins issued nor to investment value, just as a means to mark the event. The collection of commemorative coins itself is only a derivative of commemorative coins only, because the previous way to obtain rare commemorative coins, commemorative coins will naturally become the darling of collectors. Perhaps the purpose of the central bank incremental issue of commemorative coins in order to promote the circulation of commemorative coins, there is consumption, only the value of further healthy growth. If only for the issuance of commemorative coins to reduce the pure profit, or not taking more coin collectors, after all more less collection, the higher the cost of ordinary collectors. Attached: coin collection notes 1, try not to use direct contact with the surface, because the hand sweat pollution to the gold and silver surface, preferably with a sealed plastic seal to gold and silver coins, this watch is more convenient, also has not let the dust in the air pollution of dye to the surface of silver and gold coins. Try not to collide, because the collision is easy to leave traces. 2, if the gold and silver stained, cleaning should be put in the soap water temperature slightly, and then washed with water after the dry with a soft cloth gently wipe it, finally placed in dry ventilated place; try not to use alkaline light water wash, do not use the brush, easy to alkaline made of gold and silver surface corrosion. 3, to be placed in the silica gel of gold and silver storage place, which plays a major role in absorbing moisture; drying, silica gel is blue, to absorb moisture will turn red. It’s best to put it in a safe, damp proof safe. (article source)相关的主题文章: