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"Comedy Queen" Song Dandan: play the real role too naughty — entertainment channel — original title: Song Dandan: do not move too naughty character Song Dandan in the release with "comedy Queen" said Song Dandan played many a little trouble, but very classic stage or in the screen image, but yesterday she starred in new family comedy "my father-in-law" martial arts conference, Song Dandan has bluntly, he has now played too naughty character, "I love in an honest way to play the play now play a role to talk to a role." The upcoming broadcast of the Oriental TV in December 20th "my father" martial arts collection of Song Dandan, Ni Dahong, Xiao Yang, Wang Taili Jiang Yan and many other outstanding actor, the chopsticks brothers Shaw central and Song Dandan played a pair of deep feelings of mother and child, Ni Dahong’s father-in-law Xiao Yang’s trip down, and Song Dandan wonderful relatives". In order to their children’s interests, and director Cheng Daji Song Dandan retired police horse play staged a lot of jokes at odds in. She talked about work life resolutely ignore the angle of communication and emotional son’s mother, Song Dandan bluntly now she tends to shape the role of life. "I played a lot of comedy, will not feel tired, but now it is played not too ‘naughty’ role." Now Song Dandan added more of his perception of life in the show, she admitted that the interpretation of Ma Yuru for such a role, "I love in an honest way to act now, play a role to speak in a role to express this role." It is worth mentioning that, 20 years ago, a "I love my home" to let the audience know far apart from each other Song Dandan and Liang Tian, did not think 20 years later, two people will be in the city of light comedy "my father will be reunited in the martial arts". In the conference site, Song Dandan also ridicule from the two met at the beginning of the scene: "I am a friend of 30 years with Liang Tian, I just as an actor when we play the first drama called" Wang Jianshe "officer, I play a character without a name, called the beautiful sister, I received the first audience letter is written by Liang Tian, a person I would like to call" heaven ", this name is really nice. Later, I saw a man disappointed. I returned to him a letter, very regret, I saw later, he sent me second letters from the audience will not return. Later I learned that he had written to the actors and wrote to Cai Ming, as well as to our generation of actresses." Liang Tian said with a smile "is really true". (commissioning editor Zou Jing and Jiang Bo)相关的主题文章: