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The 2016 Longhua Hospital of | winter cream outpatient expert – health Sohu affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Longhua hospital on 1984 in Shanghai first paste paste outpatient clinic, continues to expand the scale, has become the largest Gaofang clinic in shanghai. China Association of Chinese medicine hospital as the cream party branch chairman unit to undertake research and training of talent of national Gaofang standard. Longhua hospital paste side has the following characteristics: 1 one party, personalized customization. Pay attention to personal physical identification, custom personalized Gaofang, allow people to recuperate the body in good season, autumn and winter tonic, disease prevention and cure. 2 medical team, standardized access. Shanghai city is composed of Chinese medicine, chief physician, Professor of the class medical team. The doctor must have more than 5 years of professional experience, through the cream of the standard training, and through the screening test. 3 geoherbs, strict selection. Ensuring drug medicine quality, selection of the country has a long history, exquisite processing, fine varieties of geoherbs. The 2016 Longhua winter cream party is about to begin outpatient hospital. 2016 Gaofang outpatient schedule of Longhua hospital (Institute) scheduled for October 5, 2016 (Wednesday) morning hosted the 2016 annual "winter tonic" free consultation activities, also began to receive outpatient appointment registration paste, paste clinic in October 17th will be officially open. Longhua hospital (Pudong branch) scheduled for October 6, 2016 (Thursday) morning began to accept the registration appointment paste. Paste clinic in October 17th will be officially open. Click on the blue view detailed schedule: Longhua hospital 2016 winter paste outpatient schedule expert schedule (click on the following picture to see a clear big picture) click on the map to see a clear big picture相关的主题文章: