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Chengdu Yulin sweetly into all these meat – eating Sohu these days Zhao Lei’s "Chengdu" complete fire, Chengdu people’s circle of friends are maxed out, the song of the Yulin Road, filled with deep affection and tenderness. 5:28 Chengdu Zhao Lei from Chengdu city Chengdu · Yulin used to watch "Ge You" If You Are The One, Hsu Chi said a word: "I hope you think of me, not all nausea." You see, how simple and gentle, ah, Chengdu, Yulin is also. Yulin is probably the epitome of Chengdu life, literature and art with the marketplace. No matter where we hear the name of the hometown will always be gentle, so to explain the "Chengdu" hot, perhaps more reasonable. Some people say that in Yulin, the fragrance of poetry and Wang mother rabbit meat like roasted ecstasy. At this juncture, I want to go to Yulin to smell the smell of meat. A casual alley has meat incense from the Yulin Road (like the street, Yulin Street alley in the similar name, Yang teacher lived for 20 years are not clear) turn into the alley, north of Yulin, many people think that this is a dead alley, in fact, 4 stores this alley taste very good. In life – Mala – rabbit psoas is basically the flies restaurant, sitting on the roadside to eat more flavor. We go to eat is next to him JinManTang pot chicken. JinManTang Bobo chicken pot chicken or the string into the label, soup bowl of chicken, the only difference is the soup is hot; if not to find a characteristic, is the great lump of meat for each child. Choose the meat prod prod, while hot into the red waves of the pots, soup more tasty food. Waiting for the meat into the soup when I saw the next life in rabbit psoas Malatang there was an elderly woman, faced with a large pot of string sticks gobble down. Chicken feet – chicken feet to soak more time will be more delicious, we are in order to take pictures, put up all the photos, only to eat at ease. JinManTang soup is not very spicy, with a little sweet mouth. Duck and chicken heart – this is a high cholesterol diet a cerebral infarction patients carefully eat duck heart, every one like a duck got myocardial infarction. It is best to eat chicken wine and eat slowly, sitting on the roadside at the beginning of summer, there are a lot of small flowers full of vines JinManTang door (like seven incense), full of cholesterol eating pink, chicken liver, summer starts here. Duck tongue soft sharp duck tongue, no wonder people say Chengdu eat duck tongue and love the feeling of kissing. The soup was soaked duck tongue, hanging oil sauce, and a delicacy. Our table – – Chili oil Boiled dumplings not Boiled dumplings (went next door to shoot the table map), but their Boiled dumplings are delicious. In a natural sleep wake up the weekend, wear a pair of slippers to shake JinManTang, eat a few pot chicken, plus a Boiled dumplings the heart is full of mood, xiaofujian. Some people say JinManTang Bobo chicken taste in general, than in other countries. Taste this thing, very personal, like a lover, he always has a special place to attract you; may be the day I 8相关的主题文章: