Caesarean section PK eutocia what more Sohu maternal pain polartec

Caesarean section PK eutocia what more pain and abdominal pain or vaginal Sohu maternal pain? This problem from pregnant mothers might start pondering. To say which way of delivery is not painful, obviously false. However, different modes of delivery is caused by the difference of postpartum pain points, these pain points, mothers can’t stand what? Choose a suitable way, and then use the greatest effort through postpartum pain, perhaps more than what is more practical, postpartum pain! What? Caesarean section three classic pain 1, belly pain of the wound when Patty Hou gave birth to a son, after cesarean section wound pain, once refused to visit any friends. Many women in order to avoid the pain and vaginal delivery have caesarean sections, however, caesarean section also pain. The result of surgery, uterine incision belly wound, need a long time to recover, if improper care, or due to some factors of antibiotic drug allergies, then postpartum wound recovery is slower, pain time is longer. For a long period of recovery, the mothers are pain and itching, and can not grasp. 2, a lot of pain when I feel a lot of pain when the catheter is inserted, but still need to retain the catheter after the birth of 24 hours, when the mother is usually easy to pull off, so you have to insert a back. In particular, even after 24 hours, the mothers themselves to get out of bed urination, but can not be re inserted into the urinary bladder. So repeatedly toss, mother’s mental begin to collapse! In addition, the doctor will exhort, after pulling the catheter, a mother has to urinate go to the toilet, otherwise it is easy to cause the infection, leading to pain. 3, afterpains many mothers have mistakenly believed that only after birth will have uterine contraction pain. But in fact, there is no direct contact with the phenomenon of uterine delivery, as long as the birth, the female body will spontaneously work in order to help the uterine contraction, uterine bleeding and remove waste. Although this condition reflects the positive energy, but no doubt to the mother has brought great pain. The birth of three classic pain 1, privates injury pain undoubtedly bring pain woman birth is hard to imagine, with 10 such words to describe clearly still pale. In fact, it is now possible for men to experience childbirth pain, according to doctors, the majority of men can withstand the pain level of about 3-5. However, every woman has to suffer a 10 degree of pain when the baby comes. In addition, if the fetus is too large, fetal embarrassment, mother also faces the risk of tearing privates, sometimes the doctor also needs episiotomy to midwifery. Therefore, the mother of the most mysterious and vulnerable areas, it is necessary to suffer a storm attack. 2, although no spontaneous urination and defecation pain but pain and urinary catheter, trying not to go to the toilet of the mother but because they know, There are plenty of people who, every time the toilet is too painful. Of course, for the sake of your health, naturally do not encourage women to hold back. However, to overcome the pain defecation and urination is definitely a new mothers face difficulties. Who was born who knows!.相关的主题文章: