BITAUTO 2017 annual car festival held to a new network – based on data insight car

The 2017 annual car festival held in BITAUTO data insight into the Beijing – car city to Beijing in November 18, November 17th 2017, BITAUTO annual car festival "held in Guangzhou. The official release titled "the next 5 years China auto market blue ocean user research" "2016" BITAUTO index annual report, inventory of automobile industry status, and from the market increment, users structure dimensions of the future development of automobile industry prejudge and suggestions. At the same time, from the car manufacturers, car dealers, industry experts and media professionals more than 2016 guests witnessed China automobile annual marketing figures, 2017 national top ten cars announced a number of blockbuster awards. "2016" BITAUTO index annual report pointed out that the Chinese car sales in 2016 xianyihouyang, the first 10 months of the narrow passenger car sales year-on-year growth rate reached 18%. At the same time, the middle class scale, two-child policy liberalization, 90 population of nearly 200 million and two times more than half the proportion of users Car Buying factors prompted the rapid change of Chinese automotive consumer groups. The report suggested that the next 5-10 years, we should focus on the following five categories have a considerable scale and faster growing consumer groups, which is the city from 18 to 26 Z generation groups, new immigrants, two child families, middle aged women, new gold. Mr Li Bin, chairman and CEO of BITAUTO BITAUTO senior vice president Huai Yang said, the future is still the focus of the compact SUV, also need to focus on high-end compact cars, new energy vehicles and 7 seat SUV. He believes that the future of the automobile consumption, not only is the product supply, need to evolve into the whole process of service experience, consumer psychological demands, such as car scene based on multi contact, effective communication, marketing innovation. It is understood that the report is based on research and technology BITAUTO index, Tencent and Nelson leading a large number of user data, by BITAUTO combined with the world’s leading market research firm released Nelson. Auto market changes rapidly in recent years, BITAUTO hopes to use the data insight into consumer trends, market prospects, both from the macro level to reflect the overall market trend and market trend, also from the micro level of the reference of production scheduling, inventory optimization, marketing planning, competitive strategy and other manufacturers. That night, the final primaries, BITAUTO BITAUTO users comprehensive index data and expert review group, announced the 2017 annual top ten cars, ten SUV and five imported cars, second-hand car brand awards best weight, in order to establish a benchmark for the product Chinese automobile market, to provide the reference for the 2017 consumer purchase decision. Eventually won the "2017 national top ten car models is the FAW – Volkswagen, Dongfeng Audi new A4L tenth generation of Honda civic, GAC trumpchi GA8, FAW-VW MAGOTAN, a new generation of a new generation of Dongfeng Peugeot 308 and Dongfeng Citroen new C4L, Chery Yi Ruize 5, new Mercedes E class car, SAIC Skoda the new speed faction, SAIC Chevrolet Mai Rui Bao XL. Won the "2017 national top ten SUV models is the Dongfeng Nissan New Qashqai, FAW TOYOTA RAV4 new wing, Guangzhou Honda, Geely bullyear, crown road Changan"相关的主题文章: