Beijing reading season concerned about children’s reading writer Ge Bing and other sharing

Beijing reading season attention to children’s reading writer Ge Bing and other new network share creation story – JINGWAH Times News (reporter Tian Chao) November 22nd, by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of press and publication, China children’s book fair unit’s "book Chinese? Beijing reading season? Scholarly childhood went to the kindergarten" first brought reader training, held in organs the air force blue sky kindergarten. Gao Hongbo, Ge Bing and other famous children’s literature writers, to share with the children’s reading story. Yesterday, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of press and publication of the relevant leaders and the scene of the city’s districts and more than and 100 kindergartens representatives jointly launched the Beijing kindergarten reading alliance initiative, called on the city’s districts on children’s reading interest, enthusiasm, experience in kindergarten, kindergarten reading joined the Beijing alliance, jointly committed to the exploration and development of children’s reading education, deepen and Beijing to strengthen children’s reading activities, reading resources and information sharing to achieve. In the training seminar on "blue rat & BB" the father of Ge Bing, a famous writer of children’s literature and children’s books International Union vice president Zhang Mingzhou, together with the District kindergarten and the backbone teachers participating, sharing the story of the creation and promotion of reading experience. In addition, from Brazil’s world famous illustrators, the international Andersen prize winner Roger? Miro also shared the picture book creation story.相关的主题文章: