Beijing Friendship Hospital held Love Teeth Day – Sohu health clinic activities-avbox

Beijing Friendship Hospital held "Love Teeth Day" – health clinic activities of Sohu in September 20th, is the twenty-eighth national "love teeth day". In the morning, in the Beijing oral medicine organization, the Department of Stomatology of Beijing Friendship Hospital of 15 health care workers "Love Teeth Day" clinic consultation in hospital outpatient building north gate on the eastern side of the organization to carry out, for the masses to popularize knowledge of oral health and free oral examination. This year, the national Love Teeth Day theme is oral health, general health". Oral health maintenance is not good, often have a variety of oral diseases, such as dental caries (cavities), pulpitis, periapical periodontitis, periodontal disease and jaw infection. These diseases can not be treated thoroughly and effectively for a long time, which will affect the quality of life and health. Therefore, regular inspection, timely detection, timely treatment of oral diseases. In the half day clinic activities, provide oral health counseling, guidance and oral examination work staff for a total of nearly 300 people, issued nearly 500 copies of promotional materials. Huang Xiaofeng, director of the Department of Stomatology, deputy director of the hospital, also visited the scene of oral health examination for patients, and patiently answer questions for patients with oral diseases of the. Oral health, general health, with healthy teeth, with a healthy oral function, in order to have a healthy body. Hope everyone can pay attention to oral health, improve the quality of life! Photo source: Department of Stomatology of Beijing Friendship Hospital official micro signal: BFH1952 concern us: a WeChat search public number two long on the right side of the two-dimensional code we will protect your health!相关的主题文章: