Barbecue gluten illegally added borax three suspects were detained (video)

Barbecue gluten illegally added in borax three suspects detained newspaper news (correspondent Liu Junchen Zhao Shuangyuan Reporter Jia Zhi Min) Huangling County urban farmers market stalls three diners regardless of safety, long in the barbecue illegally added gluten containing banned borax, eventually a tumble on the eve of national day. Recently, Huangling County Public Security Bureau of food and Drug Investigation Brigade successfully cracked Deng Moumou, Liu Moumou, Yan Moumou illegal add hazards to human health food case three, protect the people’s food safety. The brigade and the county food and Drug Administration inspection found in urban areas, farmers markets operating Deng Moumou, Liu XX, Yan Moumou barbecue stalls are illegally added gluten containing banned borax, so the barbecue stalls were gluten inspection and sampling inspection. The inspection report shows that three stalls all contain gluten added countries banned borax. Police immediately on the three barbecue stalls gluten seized, and to the rest of their home to check the remaining gluten, while the three were questioned. After investigation, households Deng Moumou, Liu Moumou, Yan Moumou three people were from July 2014, June 2014, May 2012 started in the county urban farmers market operating barbecue stalls, stalls gluten are ordered from the Jingyang somewhere, through phone orders, receive the goods after the payment to the designated account. In the face of conclusive evidence, three people on business illegally added to harm human health food case confessed to the crime. At present, the three suspects have been in administrative detention, the case is under further digging. The link with borax food into the body after acid effect to boric acid absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, high body borax content will be poisoned. The main manifestations of heart, liver, kidney and other system damage. Edible human food add borax, light weight loss of appetite; vomiting and diarrhea, even erythema, circulatory disorders, shock and other symptoms of boric acid. Adult poisoning dose of 1-3 grams, the lethal dose of 15-20 g, infant lethal dose of 5 g. Note: video only for extended reading. The woman took out 4 kilograms of insect eating barbecue should be more careful相关的主题文章: