Avoid! These five driving habits will kill you in minutes! (video) ddrtys

Avoid! These five driving habits will kill you in minutes! How to use the 1 lights, fog and haze days if you mess with light when being used to drive the car beam and blind dog experience? The night against the indiscriminate use of high beam are you rotten, but why there are still people who knowingly violate? China’s road traffic safety law article forty-eighth: in the absence of central isolation facilities or not the center line of road car, from the opposite direction to the car 150 meters can not use the high beam light. Since the law, we strongly urge the relevant departments to strengthen law enforcement efforts. Of course, we say here is not only the headlights, fog lights and open in the sunny night. In order to vehicle more easily in the fog fog lamp irradiation was found, want strong efforts, and the irradiation angle side, especially after the fog lights, lit in no fog weather fog will make car feel very harsh, unable to open. In addition to the line do not turn on the lights, you suddenly a break into the next lane, even the reaction time did not give a person leave, not an accident to blame. Of course, we also despise those who see the lights turn on the lights on the throttle with the car to prevent others from changing the way people. Don’t play yo driving at night lights, the car is unable to end brother behavior. You’re not going to let anyone see you. 2, in order to slow for the United States a lot of people think that slow is safe, in the sidewalk, the school district slow down is indeed we should abide by the rules. But the car can not blindly slow, the faster also to get up. For example, on the highway or the ring on the long-term use of the fast lane and slow speed of the car, you let the car really worried you made? Take the slow lane of the slow lane will force the rear car from your blind spot on the opposite side of the larger overtaking, and this time you will change the line because you can not see the car after the accident. When it comes to this, you have to say on the right side overtaking, the first traffic regulations in the right overtaking is not equal to overtaking on the right, mainly depends on whether there is a complete overtaking action. Here to remind the driver brother dealers don’t occupy the fast lane at low speed and also remind the driver not see such behavior illegal overtaking, relatively more secure. 3, one of the reasons why the use of a lot of countries are prohibited from driving a phone call, which is indeed a great knowledge of the two. The first single hand drive will affect the control of emergency difficult; second drive is a need to hear eight observant and alert you in control process, brakes, throttle, steering wheel and keep the vehicle to pay attention to other vehicles and non motor vehicles. Road pedestrian. The road itself and so on. A higher probability of making a phone call would be a distraction. Even some adorable girl when the car open side up, drive when you see in Hamburg, see mobile phone, cigarette case, who see the road? Abandon these bad habits, can greatly improve the safety factor. 4, the quality of low quality of the most obvious manifestation of the road rage. A lot of drivers for the road situation can not do a very good grasp of the car will certainly make some influence on other people’s driving action, this time as a driver we should give others enough tolerance. No one drives out of town just to stop you. Why should you think of someone else’s loss as a provocation? While.相关的主题文章: