Autumn tour in Ningxia happy National Day celebration

The autumn tour of Ningxia   joy — to celebrate the National Day travel channel in October, to leave. Is not a lot of people have no mind to work, just want to be the motherland mother’s birthday? In fact, we are more concerned about where to go to play, how to play! Eid al AdhA, mid autumn festival seven day holiday just after a few days, the Ningxia people’s happiness once again ushered in the country to celebrate National Day. National Day meet Huoshizhai, see the most beautiful autumn autumn in October, Xiji Huoshizhai cenglinjinran, looked very thick, climb overlooking the scenic landscape, panoramic view of autumn, beautiful natural scenery in the garden, it is difficult to extricate themselves. Within the scenic mountains and streams have been wind blows all over, wearing gorgeous costumes; magnificent autumn scenery, like nature itself, in the view range of hills like waves, colorful flowers and trees, the path leaves floor, looked up and saw the branches were divided into numerous small lattice day, like walking in a dream of Jiangnan resort visitors in knots; in the path of the pictures, appreciation, praise, in the "Shuangye red flowers in February autumn, hope to free to describe, only with the season of beautiful carving painting extraordinary as if done by the spirits of nature. An invigorating autumn climate, Qingtongxia gorge of the Yellow River ushered in the peak value of Yan people say, autumn is the most charming season, then the poor poet can recite a beautiful poem. Now, if you are attracted by the weather as the wave trough an invigorating autumn climate, scenery and moving, then follow the call of the heart, with family and friends to the Grand Canyon Scenic Area of the Yellow River met the most beautiful autumn! If you have never been to the Grand Canyon of the Yellow River in the fall, never You’ll see. this place is so thrilling in its most beautiful season. If you haven’t seen the fall of the the Yellow River Grand Canyon, also do not know the nature to create such a breathtaking beauty. In the Grand Canyon of the Yellow River, where the sky is very blue, so in the blue sky against the backdrop of the bronze Canyon is particularly beautiful. Take a boat up the river, canyon, green mountain, Yellow River, white clouds, blue sky, green reed, a riot of colours, gorgeous… Like a watercolor pen and the natural outline. The world is not clear romantic score blending, virtual or real. Autumn, the Grand Canyon in the Yellow River is emitting a mature taste. Cangshan group, cenglinjinran, as a flow of beautiful paintings, rich colors, warm style. Autumn is the season of travel, that share a disappointed sentiment autumn, it is easy to provoke people’s hearts, people have a put down everything, toward the distant impulse. So, autumn is a season of tourism, it is a season for self, to the Grand Canyon of the Yellow River Qingtongxia, here the autumn can touch the bottom of your heart throb…… The major scenic spots of colorful echocardiographyaction Hui Culture Garden "beautiful Yinchuan" Yongning bright one thousand and one night season play hi hi up to. Large art fireworks will beautiful night sky of Yinchuan, Ningxia local band, the brilliant performances of large 3D naked eye wall show, light show, many large buildings lighting device Park debut. Helan mountain park will be carried out with the full blessing of rock paintings in October? "And" rock civilization? "Flowing blood in the theme of the activities. )相关的主题文章: