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Ang Lee: a 120 frame film experience clear to see the skin – Entertainment Sohu   "Billy – Lynn’s midfield war" released in November 11th Sohu entertainment news (SEN month article) in November 6th, director Ang Lee’s film "Billy Lynn’s war" in the Beijing midfielder u-town Bona cinema hall 2 screening was held, one of the cinema Boehner u-town theater is the mainland only two can play 4K120 3D frame format. 120 frame technology Ang Lee this attempt can be said to challenge the limits of the human eye, after the film in New York Film Festival screening by polar reputation, continuously on the network on the "halo frame" and "discomfort". So how does the movie really feel? First of all, a small background knowledge. In the film, a still image is called "1 frames". The traditional film playback format is 24 frames per second, "120 frames" refers to the number of images per second film is 120, while the eye in the real world can accept 900 frames per second picture frames, the movie is more big, the image of human can feel more realistic. In the 120 frame in the movie, the picture is not ordinary movie frames jitter, 4K120 frame 3D movie offers than traditional film adaptation of eye more clear picture, in fact, in the field of "Billy Lynn’s war" in the midfield, several techniques does make a movie showing the really are taking part — not just the cinema advertisement mentioned that general Christina Stewart personally on the scene, ("Twilight" actress) pores on the screen are magnified to the crystal clear. After the first few seconds of discomfort after the film has the advantages of clear picture. The ordinary scene on the screen has been reduced very real, and some CLS stage show and war scenes blasting, more powerful. As the 3D film, this is a "Billy Lynn" in the first movie fighting midfielder brightness is very qualified, to comfort degree of eyes completely difficult, no suspicious person ghost, clear and true, like at your fingertips. According to the sample after the survey, the audience did not appear dizzy or eye tears, etc.. "Billy – the Lynn midfielder is not actually a war" to kill the fierce pursuit of war movies, it according to the – party novel, tells the story of a group of American soldiers on the front line against terrorism on the liledagong, they returned to the motherland to accept the "glory" — in a period of football midfielder and entertainment star Britney, however they found everything happened on the battlefield is not really known, they have no way to get the respect, and they return to civilian identity also cannot get a better life, so we had to return even they themselves are unaware of the significance of the battlefield, continue to fight for the motherland. The original novel is happening in one day in a big boy heart mind, very difficult to visualization. With the help of 4K120 frame 3D, Ang Lee used a very subjective expression, give the audience a similar perspective with the protagonist, inspire empathy and compassion, compared with the traditional film, get more experience viewing experience, — it is not a simple experience in VR technology can bring,.相关的主题文章: