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"Alfa dog" comeback   Ke Jie afraid? (sports paper) – Sports – Korean players Li Shishi and Alfa go chess AI sit down again in front of human beings. A few days ago, the Japanese chess veteran Zhao Zhixun 2 to 1 "victory" DeepZenGo, known as the "defending human dignity".   just 8 months ago, Alfa go (Alpha-Go) to a victory of 4 to 1 South Korean master Li Shishi, so that the world marvel, robot win over the human remarks filled the ears. The relationship between human and artificial intelligence seems to be getting more and more complicated……   in the outbreak of science and technology today, through artificial intelligence, virtual reality, 3D printing, human wisdom is turning all the imagination into reality. The application of intelligent technology is following the footsteps of mankind into everyone’s daily life.   on the sports industry, artificial intelligence through the processing and application of large data, directly or indirectly enhance the efficiency of the development of the sports industry. Big data algorithm based on AlphaGo and DeepZenGo to face with human players; artificial intelligence, known as the "Premier prediction artifact; Baidu artificial intelligence robot" secret "appeared in Olympic Basketball broadcasts; smart wristbands can provide daily exercise health records and analysis for the user; intelligent robots instead of workers on the assembly line the production of Adidas sneakers……  , in fact, artificial intelligence is now mostly dependent on the application of large data. Compared with the genius of human players, Alpha-Go through the depth analysis of big data. The observation and training of the game wins in the tens of millions, "qinnengbuzhuo". It is reported that the new version of the AlphaGo is expected to return in 2017, we are looking forward to it and ranked first in the world China kija players a showdown.   we look forward to artificial intelligence with a victory to verify the breakthrough of human wisdom. At the same time, we are concerned that it will challenge the sovereignty of the people on this planet". Therefore, the development of artificial intelligence like dancing subtle dance, we use artificial intelligence to improve work efficiency and quality of life, but also been declared control of artificial intelligence.   the development of artificial intelligence cannot do without the human intelligence, human intelligence and leveraging the extension of artificial intelligence. In the definition of certain rules, no matter which one two go faster, will let people move forward, no matter who wins, is a triumph of humanity. As the chairman of Chinese Weiqi Association Wang Runan in the days before the Senate held China said game go to invite Alfa to go, artificial intelligence as the representative, to open new doors for the future development of go, human players need to learn from artificial intelligence, will go to a new level.   go so, sports, so human development. (commissioning editor Hu Xuerong and Zhang Fan)相关的主题文章: