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After the six habits as chronic Dutch act generally after what would you do? Is smoking, eating fruit, tea, bath or belt, singing, walking, sleeping? If you have more than one or more of the following habits to be vigilant, these details of life are killing your health! After the six habits after a lot of people chronic Dutch act as love to eat fruit after a meal to eat fruit, think this will help clear the mouth. In fact, this is a wrong living habits, eat fruit immediately after dinner will affect the digestive function. Because, when the food into the stomach, you need to digest 1 ~ 2 hours in order to slowly rule out, immediately after eating fruit, fruit will be eaten before eating into the barrier, and can not be properly digested. The after dinner drink tea tea contains large amounts of tannin, after dinner drink tea, make not digestible protein just eating with tannic acid together to form a precipitate, affect the absorption of protein; substance in tea will hinder the absorption of iron, a long-term meal after drinking tea habit, easily lead to iron deficiency anemia; in addition, immediately after dinner tea, a large amount of water into the stomach, will dilute the digestive juice secreted by the stomach, thus affecting the digestion of food in stomach. Some people think that the smoking after a meal, "after a cigarette, it’s nuts." In fact, this approach is great harm to the human body. Because after dinner the body’s gastrointestinal motility is very frequent, blood circulation is also accelerated, the digestive system began a comprehensive exercise. If you smoke in this time, pulmonary and systemic absorption smoke efforts greatly enhanced, resulting in a large number of absorption of harmful ingredients, has a strong stimulating effect on the respiratory and digestive tract, will undoubtedly bring the body functions and tissues than usual, the harm of smoking is much greater. The drinking water immediately after a meal after drinking water will dilute the gastric juice, the food in the stomach before digestion into the small intestine, weakened gastric digestion, easily lead to gastrointestinal diseases. If you drink a soda after the meal is more appropriate for the body, the carbon dioxide produced by soft drinks is likely to increase the pressure in the stomach, leading to acute gastric dilatation. The meal singing Cara OK just ate after gastric volume increased, blood flow increased, the singing will divide down, abdominal pressure increase, may cause indigestion, will cause gastrointestinal discomfort and other symptoms. Therefore, it is best to eat about 1 hours after the meal, after the normal digestion of food to sing Cara OK, or simply sing first and then go to dinner. The meal after driving because the digestive needs of blood are concentrated to the stomach, brain ischemia in a temporary state, when driving is easy to make mistake, accident. Therefore, it is safer to drive 1 hours after meals.相关的主题文章: