After the Mid Autumn Festival Tanliang beware cool disease-ca1806

Beware of the disease after the Mid Autumn Festival Tanliang cool after the Mid Autumn Festival, the weather was cold a lot, although the daytime temperature is still relatively high, but sooner or later, obviously feel the cool. The folklore of the "job", many people sleep will open air or cold bath. But in fact, cold autumn also to have, if blindly Tanliang may cool out disease, especially the elderly and people with chronic disease, should pay more attention to warm cold. (WeChat laocai Medical Guide: laocaidy) to have the so-called cold autumn autumn frost, is that when the weather cools, the pores closed to prevent cold, if premature to wear thick clothes, the pores will be open because of heat, sudden cooling cold it is easy to bring through the pores. But even so, also cannot do gluttony cold warm work, otherwise easy to damage the spleen yang, especially the spleen and stomach should be more taboo. It is very important to pay attention to warm the stomach to warm the stomach, this season is not suitable for bare midriff, otherwise cold easily invade the body through the navel. If the direct invasion of the stomach, can cause acute abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting. In addition, even at night do not feel cold, should also be covered with a quilt navel, to avoid cold invasion. The virtual body can drink porridge tonic for some originally frail sick man is easy, the best medicine instead of through supplements, health porridge is a good choice. Drink a bowl of porridge in autumn morning, not only can cure and prevent the cool autumn, autumn dryness, such as Tremella porridge, lotus porridge, sesame porridge, red dates porridge, sweet potato porridge, corn porridge. In the daily diet, can eat pears, honey, tremella, lily, medlar, radish, soy products, eat more orange vegetables, such as pumpkin, carrot etc..相关的主题文章: