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90 two rich generation drugs to drink 20 bottles of car accident after the murder brandished a knife and Chiron such a popular online piece: Northeast fight only two words: "you see what?" "Look at you!" What appears to be a joke, but recently staged a live version, eventually led to the fatal wounding of the tragedy, it is fierce group 90 ". In October 13th, with Zhao Moutong and others were arrested Ganjingzi Procuratorate, cracked by black border police station "2016.8.26 case of intentional injury" officially entered the judicial prosecution procedure. The murder of a beach person was stabbed to death in August 26th 19 PM, a black border police station duty room suddenly sounded the alarm bell: with a knife violence, the perpetrators escape in Blackstone Xinhai three injured beach. 3 minutes later, the police rushed to the scene, saw the victim Jo already fell in a pool of blood. Police immediately sent to a nearby hospital. However, after 20 minutes, the hospital has to inform the police, Jo because of leg artery was broken, excessive bleeding died. To solve the case as soon as possible, the site immediately to the scene and the surrounding personnel to start questioning, while searching for evidence. According to the victim Description: the son of the deceased has just been admitted to a local university. School soon, with his wife, son and his classmates to play near the beach. In the evening to return, they saw a man on the side of the road to another man behind the back of the vehicle. See Jo et al by reversing command man snarled: "you see what?" A classmate of Cao son angrily replied: "how do you see, you give the car does not know." Just a matter of bickering, convenient dispute with associates called this group of students, and drove the man is to come up with a knife wielding hacking at them. Seeing this, the students scattered away, but there are still two people were stabbed a knife. Panic, the knife will be knocked down by his wife, Cao, in order to protect his wife, was stabbed with a knife stabbed the neck, elbow. Most of all, with a knife pierced Jo’s left leg artery, suddenly bleeding profusely, Jo also fainted on the ground. See the situation is not good, the other people fled. Looking for clues to a canoe into the key. However, when the police asked the suspect relevant information, all the staff actually no one can provide accurate information of the vehicle, around the site of the incident no monitoring probe. A vicious murder, there is no trace of clues…… Major case, a black border police station the first time to the crime emotion report, and with the Ganjingzi Criminal Investigation Brigade formed a joint task force. According to a witness recalled, the offender is driving a white TOYOTA overbearing, sideways pattern, license plate tail number is "22". This is the only information we can use." The deputy director Xu Yongliang said. That night, according to the escape time, a black border police station immediately retrieved the surveillance video near all sections. 6 hours later, although the task force has locked a number of suspected vehicles, but has not made any substantive progress. This does not rule out the murderer to escape the chase, deliberately evade the highway probe, but to solve the problem raised a problem. The second day of the morning, the project相关的主题文章: