The proportion of loans Shoufu down to 25% Shoufu to calculate how much money Sohu financial managem-helmet怎么读

The proportion of loans Shoufu down to 25% Shoufu to calculate how much money? February 2nd – financial Sohu, member of China banking supervision, the people’s Bank of China issued a notice on Relevant Issues concerning the adjustment of individual housing loan policy, of which individual housing loans Shoufu ratio lowered due to industry concerns, the relevant reads as follows: in the implementation of the restriction measures in the city, residents’ families for the purchase of ordinary housing business individual housing loans, in principle, the minimum payment related stock movements was 25%, down 5 percentage points over the floating; to have 1 sets of housing and housing loans outstanding in the household, the purchase of ordinary housing once again to improve the living conditions for commercial individual housing loans, the minimum down payment ratio adjusted to not less than 30%. So after the down payment ratio down, we buy a suite down payment can pay less? For example, we buy a large two bedrooms 100 flat in Hebei, priced at 18 thousand yuan square meters, the total price of 1 million 800 thousand yuan, the first suite, the original Shoufu ratio of 30%, now Shoufu proportion is 25%, then the down payment ratio decreased after pay less 180* (30%-25%) =9 million yuan, is the original Shoufu 540 thousand, now as long as 450 thousand can be. If you buy this house for two suites, down payment ratio from the original 40% to 30%, then the down payment can be less 180* (40%-30%) =18 million. Two suites will benefit more. But the notice is to "purchase" of the city, and has no effect on the north and the purchase of the city, but this did not specify all Shoufu ratio are down to 25% or 30%, "in principle", "not less than" the word is very vague, so close or to specific policy trends note the next step.

房贷首付比例下调至25% 算算首付能省多少钱?-搜狐理财   2月2日,中国人民银行、中国银行业监督管理委员发布关于调整个人住房贷款政策有关问题的通知,其中将个人住房贷款首付比例下调引起行业关注,相关原文如下:   在不实施“限购”措施的城市,居民家庭首次购买普通住房的商业性个人住房贷款,原则上最低首付款比例 相关公司股票走势 为25%,各地可向下浮动5个百分点;对拥有1套住房且相应购房贷款未结清的居民家庭,为改善居住条件再次申请商业性个人住房贷款购买普通住房,最低首付款比例调整为不低于30%。   那么首付比例下调之后,我们买一套房首付能少交多少呢?   比如我们在河北购买一套100平的大两居,单价为1.8万元 平米,总价为180万元,为首套房,原先首付比例为30%,现在首付比例为25%,那么首付比例下降之后,可以少交180*(30%-25%)=9万元,也就是原先首付是54万,现在只要45万就可以了。   那如果买的这套房子为二套房,首付比例由原先的40%降至30%,则首付可以少交180*(40%-30%)=18万。二套房将受益更多。   不过通知中是针对“不限购”的城市,对于北上广等限购城市来说并没有影响,而且文中没有明确说明全部首付比例都下调至25%或30%,“原则上”、“不低于”等字眼很是隐晦,因此还是要关注各地下一步的具体政策动向。相关的主题文章: