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Swallow 60 billion EMC after DELL owe a debt, now to start layoffs – Sohu DELL technology has just completed the data storage company, the acquisition of EMC, the total number of employees reached 140 thousand people, but the deal makes DELL swallowed $about 40000000000 in debt, according to what news, DELL is likely to cut $1 billion 700 million the costs through layoffs. According to informed sources, the layoffs on a scale of 2000 to 3000 employees within the scope of the layoffs primarily aimed at American employees of DELL, including supply chain, marketing and general and administrative departments is to become the hardest hit by layoffs. Of course, after the merger of the two companies, layoffs are inevitable results. DELL spokesman Dave · Farmer (Dave Farmer) said: "with other scale similar transactions, some jobs will overlap, we need to manage, so will cut some staff." The new DELL technology company’s revenue will reach $74 billion, becoming the world’s largest private holding technology companies. The insider also revealed that DELL future hopes to use mergers and acquisitions to stimulate sales growth, and plans to increase sales of the cost is cut down to size several times. DELL’s personal computer sales ranked third in the world, EMC is currently the data storage service providers in the first place, after the merger of DELL technology business center will change to cloud services and storage areas, the company hopes to become a one-stop business oriented information technology sales platform, but the goal is not easy, the price of EMC storage products many enterprise customers are too high, while sales of new products have no obvious improvement.相关的主题文章: