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Beijing commercial or usher in the supply shortage in Beijing urban construction · Beijing code into a home preferred since 2016, the Beijing land supply has fallen to record lows, remove two cases penggai plots, 7 months before the only 7 residential properties of land supply. After entering in May, it is more than 3 months to maintain the supply of residential land zero. Analysis of the industry, the market is not available, more reflects the cautious attitude of the policy in Beijing. In the Beijing municipal government executive meeting examined and approved by the Beijing 2016 annual state-owned construction land supply plan, clearly provides a reduction in the number of construction land supply. In May by the Ministry of land and resources, the national development and Reform Commission jointly issued the "Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative planning" of the land use development zone through reduction, optimization of construction land "reduce downsizing" forced the city enhance the function and principle to arrange new construction land. Most of this reduction optimization area in Beijing and the main city of Tianjin. Policy direction has been very clear, that is, to control the transfer of land, and the direct impact of this trend is that the joint housing prices grab land, leading to the king out. Today, after 3 months did not sell the new land, the next king of Beijing, the price will be how much has become the focus of discussion in the market?. When the flour in your bread, property prices inevitable way to stride forward singing militant songs. According to statistics, the average price of commercial housing units within the rings in Beijing is close to 10 million, which also indicates that the scope of the whole city of Beijing will enter the era of luxury. Qualifications and prices once again become the eyes of many home buyers insurmountable threshold, shrinking investment, low price, the purchase of commercial products, logical to become the first choice for many customers. Recently, the commercial and residential market sales performance is also fully confirmed this point. In August 17th, a special meeting on the strict control of the project to be held in beijing. Informed sources, the regulation of the commercial market, the city leadership attitude is extremely firm and put forward: can not add new commercial!" To suspend the listing of commercial office!" Such content. Many media have said that Beijing commercial or therefore into history. Although the policy is still there for some time, but has just experienced a big wave of sales of commercial and residential market in Beijing to reduce inventory, the new market supply significantly decreased in the future or in short supply. It is understood that, at present several projects continued selling in the market, the Beijing urban construction · Beijing code (real estate information) as one of the largest residential market volume, shortly before it is to create a 45 day selling 1018 sets of miracle, much favored by the market. In an interview, the Beijing urban construction · Beijing password relevant responsible person said: the degree of market recognition and product quality is proportional to. Beijing password has been able to become a commercial performance in Beijing in 2016 to play the role of the market, with the Beijing password unique product design and high cost is inseparable." According to reports, the Beijing urban construction · rare 4.2-6.6 meters high with Beijing code products, thereby greatly enhancing the monolayer COMFORT scale; design over 6 meters wide, with corridor type of unique products in the atrium, lighting and ventilation are 9相关的主题文章: