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Baking recipes in Mocha Muffins- Sohu and Baileys chocolate morning for a period of time to work, I especially love to buy the company downstairs in Starbucks chocolate muffins for breakfast, it was a chocolate muffin special rich taste. Muffin Cake is actually not difficult to do, mixing all the materials in a large bowl a few good food, it is important to find suitable for their own taste of prescription. Last year on the Internet to find a good recipe for chocolate coffee horse Finn, after several adjustments, and now you can share recipes. The adjusted prescription is rich enough for my taste, sweet enough. I usually do the night before very quickly, the second day breakfast, no heating is very tasty, it can also eat in the oven heating slightly. Because the steps are too simple, I do not have to take a picture of it, in accordance with the steps I have written on the good. The raw A: low gluten flour 105 grams 25 grams of sugar Valrhona cocoa powder 100 grams of baking powder 14 teaspoon of baking soda and 12 teaspoon salt 18 teaspoon of raw B: unsalted butter 55 grams of freshly brewed coffee espresso 30 ml 40 ml of milk Baileys 20 ml egg 1 2 drops of vanilla walnut 30 grams of baking raw material C: chocolate beans 30 grams of raw material D (topping): 9 grams of brown sugar walnut 10 grams of baking chocolate beans 10 grams 1 steps: first unsalted butter water melts, let coolreserve; cook and espresso, let coolreserve cut walnut. 2 sift the flour and cocoa powder into a large bowl, add the sugar, salt, baking powder, baking soda, and mix well. (material A) 3 takes a small cooking pot, into an egg, the egg with smoke scattered, and cool the liquid adding coffee, butter, milk, Baileys, vanilla, continue to stir the egg drawer. (4 of the mixed material B) the raw B powder material A, to cut mix with a scraper way until no powder, but do not over mix Kazakhstan, get the Cukuang batter on it. 5 add walnuts and chocolate beans in the raw material C, stir well. The 6 batter dispensed into a paper cup, then mix the ingredients of D material evenly were sown in each muffin. 7 preheat oven 190 degrees, the horse into the oven baked in the oven for about 22 minutes or so, about 25 minutes. Immediately after baking, remove from the oven. I don’t think it’s cool until it’s baked. Ma Fen cake taste is relatively solid, breakfast is a very hungry, very suitable for getting cold weather, with a cup of coffee for breakfast. Long by two-dimensional code to pay attention to my public number相关的主题文章: