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Time is a butcher’s knife! Women can wear under his rookie sun Zhao again do media screenshot Phoenix sports news Beijing time on September 10th, Yao Ming officially entered the hall of fame, NBA official website Yao Ming to express congratulations. They are on the official twitter drying out a photo, Yao Ming took his rookie again, it is interesting that the shirt in the hands of Yao Ming is very mini. Time is a pig feed, so many young swollen graceful bearing, it is best represented in Yao Ming’s body. Yao Ming retired for five years, the body began to shape, fat slightly exaggerated, even O’neal at Yao Ming’s side seemed innocent. Netizens ridicule: Yao Ming became a female trillion sun. In the photo, Yao Ming wearing a suit, holding a blue and white vertical stripes Jersey No. 11 in front of the camera is taking the shirt with the word "YAO". This shirt looks very retro, because this is Yao Ming’s rookie again, when the Rockets home court still Compaq center, instead of TOYOTA arena. "The great Yao Ming, the legend of the Houston rockets! #2016 Basketball Hall of fame, NBA official website said on twitter. Fagan’s "Houston Chronicle" also comment on this photo, he said: "Yao Ming’s rookie season shirt is too small, seems to be rushing." Yao Ming, who had witnessed Yao Ming’s career, asked, "what can you wear?" (who is)相关的主题文章: