Our placenta, really as strong as we think Sohu –jcuv是什么车

Our placenta, really as strong as we think? – the function of the maternal and fetal placenta of the Sohu is indeed strong, connecting the mother and the developing fetus. We used to think that the placenta is simply a perfect filter to block harmful chemicals that damage the baby’s health, and even to prevent the baby from the effects of food contamination. Protect the fetus safely through the 280 day. Can be nearly 10 years of research shows that in the past we always seem to be in force for the new deification of the placenta, maternal hormone related study found that pregnant mother sucked into the air, eat food, exposure to chemicals, will have more or less into the fetus. Now, let’s look at how many chemicals in food and the environment can tell the placenta into the fetal blood 1.2004 years, through the study of 10 pairs of fetuses found that these fetal umbilical cord blood contains very toxic chemicals in the middle of the 232. 2.2007 ~ 2008, through the analysis of umbilical cord blood of the 10 babies, found that more than 200 kinds of toxic environmental pollutants, including some plastic products used in bisphenol A (BPA) and other substances. 3.2009 years, through the study of 62 pairs of maternal blood, maternal blood may be toxic chemicals, the higher the level of the same material in the umbilical cord blood. 4.2011 years, through the study of 30 pregnant women, the baby’s umbilical cord blood contains the chemical products used in the production of genetically modified agricultural products. See the above study, we know whether the pregnant mother, the placenta may be combined with certain chemicals, making them unable to enter the circulatory system of the fetus, to relieve the toxicity of these substances, however, the barrier ability of placenta is indeed limited, and if the placenta always, would probably be overworked, so you can not the quality and quantity to complete the promotion of growth and protection of fetus fetal organ task. So you have to lose. Please pay attention to more good [WeChat public number: good maternal infant (mhtina)] in Himalaya FM dragonfly FM litchi FM search for "senior maternal and child care teacher Tina" free to listen to public lecture. Disclaimer: This article is for a better pregnancy baby senior maternal and child care teacher Tina original article, if necessary please contact the authorized or micro signal infringement.相关的主题文章: