Be careful! Train ticket pre-sale period shortened to 30 days-jessica rabbit

Be careful! Train ticket pre-sale period is shortened to 30 days by the impact of the railway train diagram adjustment, starting today, after December 30th, the train ticket pre-sale period will be shortened to 30 days, to remind the passengers to pay special attention to. According to the China railway customer service center’s latest announcement, as part of the new railway line will be opened on the operation, the railway sector will adjust the train diagram, December 30th (ticket coupon date), the Internet, mobile phone, telephone booking train ticket pre-sale period of adjustment for 30 days; the station, outlets, ticket vending machine train ticket pre-sale period adjusted for 28 days. Railway departments to remind, after adjustment, December 29th and before the train tickets will be on sale. As to when the train ticket to resume normal pre-sale period is uncertain, the majority of visitors can pay attention to the 12306 website information or railway station announcement. It is reported that after the national railway ticket pre-sale period of 60 days. In accordance with this adjustment program, today, the Internet, mobile phones, telephone booking tickets will be available for sale in December 30th. With the adjustment of the train ticket pre-sale period, the sale of train tickets in December 30th will be delayed. Train tickets scheduled for sale on Thursday, January 1, 2017, will be delayed.相关的主题文章: