Guangdong new aid the main lineup still has the strength of the future will be more rapid (video)-若槻ゆうか

Guangdong: the new aid lineup still has strength in the future will be more rapid Sloan said the team still has all the main strength score [] Guangdong played with fluency Sloan three broke up a knife Tencent in September 30th Shenzhen sports news (reporter Chen Yueze) Beijing time on September 30th, the Guangdong men’s basketball team in the Champions League Chinese for second games, with 75 101 lost to CSKA moscow. The team had just arrived in Guangdong shortly after the foreign aid Sloan flat, the game just got 15 points, and had 7 turnovers. After the game in an interview, Sloan admitted that he had some mistakes in the game, but he still believes that if the main players are playing, the Guangdong squad is still quite strong. The game, Sloan is not the ideal state, this is after he joined the Guangdong team, the first time in the Guangdong Team Jersey unveiled. And when it comes to his current situation, Sloan said: "a little tired, after all, this is the first game. From the whole team, Zhou Peng and Zhu Fangyu’s playing time has been limited, and did not play, so this is certainly not the strongest state of us. For me, I need to find my own situation, today I missed some shots, made some mistakes, I need to find the team chemistry." Three years ago, Sloan in the middle of the season to join the Guangdong team, and ultimately help the team to get the championship of the season. Now three years in the past, Sloan also admitted that the current team in Guangdong and in the past compared to a small change. But he is still confident about the strength of the team. "This team is much younger than the last time I came here. We lost some players compared to before, but in the future we may play a fast-paced basketball." Sloan said, I think if Zhu Fangyu, Zhou Peng and Boozer can play, we are very strong lineup. Now the question is how to convert the existing lineup together."相关的主题文章: