Yun Zhi into the first Yiyi smelt one thousand Yuxi grace terrier was playing bad (video) 木村kaela

"Yun Zhi" into the first Yiyi smelt one thousand Yuxi "grace" terrier was playing bad Qingyun _24 Zhi > > > click on the video to watch "Tencent, Tencent Qingyun Zhi" entertainment news by the novel Xiao Ding, Li Yifeng, Zhao Liying, Cheng Yi starred in the TV series "Qingyun Zhi" in Hunan satellite TV, each Sunday to Tuesday 22 p.m. two free. In the broadcast yesterday in the story, the end of Chongqing city after the incident, Lin Jingyu will go to find a pedestrian Dinghai villa volume second mumbo-jumbo. Xiao mumbo-jumbo tortured due to invasion of the body, Lin Jingyu escorted up the hill and care, medical treatment process, encounter easy to smelt one thousand Yuxi played the fox seven and saved him, seven have been calling Lin Jingyu "benefactor", friends joked: "don’t you see Lin Jingyu is older Wang Junkai? After the accident the first seven Lin Jingyu "old" unknown Chongqing city storm ended, Lin Jingyu Zhang Xiaofan, once again set foot on the journey to find mumbo-jumbo. Because the blood demon resurrection as Mr. Xiao the beast offerings of God caused mumbo-jumbo invasion of the body, although Lin Jingyu, desperate to rescue, still hit. On the way to the Dinghai villa, Lin Jingyu road around the doctor and took care of him. It is in the road, Lin Jingyu encountered "medicine Xian six tail, in order to save the six tail Xiaofan, promised conditions start to save his brother, it is easy to smelt one thousand Yuxi played the fox seven. Martial arts Lin Jingyu unknowingly and telling a battle Temple monks rescued seven seven, so called Yu Jing benefactor. Seven hungry several days without eating, you accidentally said surprised feather goblins are practicing it, how to eat, he choked back man is iron rice is a steel, do not eat a meal hungry, you is not an immortal Qingyun disciple to eat well, surprised feather choked speechless. Cheng Yi and Yi Xi smelt one thousand two people a high cold, a two interactive adorable stay, do not have some fun. What’s more, seven have been called Lin Jingyu as a benefactor, but when Lin Jingyu is played by Wang Junkai, netizens joked: "you this is to meet strangers." "you don’t know Xiao Lin Jingyu is Wang Junkai grow up?" "Warm feelings" surprised feather Xiaofan boy skills out of all the way in the care and care of Lin Jingyu and Zhang Xiaofan is full of CP, although two people grew up feeling very good, but the common experience of life and death after the catastrophe, "Yu" emotion between a warming trend. One should support comprehensive Xiao Cheng Yi would not let him go to Dinghai Zhuang, Xiao was slipping away, Cheng Yi airway: do you love where to go! Two people decide to ignore each other, like a pair of lovers quarrel is. Later, Xiao Shou Yi to remain unconscious, he one night, and always apologize, style becomes the idol drama series. For Lin Jingyu "sweet nothings", fans shouted "bear look." "oh this is the way I open. Is there a problem?" "Lin Jingyu is really a will say love boy, I hope to learn to follow the male vote" "Lin Jingyu – a voice out of the boy skills"相关的主题文章: