A man in Taizhou because his wife do not want to kill her and injured two niece (video) 索尼a350

A man in Taizhou because his wife do not want to kill her and injured two niece no love in the world It is without rhyme or reason., no It is without rhyme or reason. hate! Taixing 37 year old man long pine (a pseudonym), experienced countless times after the entanglement, the hearts of hatred has been far more than love. So, that night, in her wife requirements and refused, he hate the red eye, picked up the hands of the claw hammer doom too pound wife, regardless of there is a home for the elderly, two children. Recently, the Taizhou intermediate people’s Court of Taixing city on the sensational murder of the first instance verdict. Long loose guilty of intentional homicide, intentional assault, forced indecency, and sentenced to death, suspended for two years, deprived of political rights for life. Evil night a dead three injured to back in January 5, the evil of the night. At 1:18 in the morning, Taixing Tongjiang Road, building a GP acoustics metal processing shop of the telephone suddenly rang. Who is calling so late? Boss Min Hua (a pseudonym) sleepily pick up the phone. "Come and help me out." The other side of the phone, next door clothing store Gui Zhen (a pseudonym) cried in horror. Min Hua immediately wrapped in a piece of clothing and hurried down the stairs, opened the door startled, Guangxi Jane Manlianshixue, trembling, "long pine with a claw hammer son, the son killed." Long song is Jane’s son-in-law Guangxi, Guangxi Richell is Jane’s daughter. How did this happen? Min Hua hurriedly rush on the two floor in half believe and half doubt. "This life has never seen such a bloody scene." Min Hua said, the red head west lying in bed, forehead two holes, head a large pool of blood. Min Hua hand in the red nose dropping, not breathing. Guangxi Jane on the first grade primary school in October a great great granddaughter and granddaughter in bed crying, blood is all great granddaughter face, min Hua hugged her dressed in her arms. Then she noticed the Guangxi Jane head also has two hole in the blood, scalp valgus. Min Hua pulled out his cell phone, trembling to call 110 and 120. After the attack, long pine to shop door key to Guangxi jane. Looked at two children crying, did not dare to tell Jane Guangxi revolt, son-in-law keys in the cupboard. The claw hammer throw long loose on the stairs, opened the door and went out, and then reported to the police. More than 6 o’clock in the morning, in the night wandering outside the long pine to surrender. Wife refused to kill her love hate heart why? On the court, Hamatsu said that he and Richell are junior high school students, school Richell are sitting in his bike. That beautiful and sweet campus time, recall as if yesterday. After graduation, two people, had never met. Until 2002, with two people working in Shenzhen encounter, but both have their own family. I fate began, I didn’t think it was a fatal attraction. In order to and Richell together, long pine firmly and his ex-wife divorced. In 2015 June, long pine and red son finally married lovers. However, after living together, the two people began to quarrel because of a variety of family conflicts. The long pine is intolerable, the son refused to have children with him, and he is not willing to go. After return turned out to be alone? Long pine swallow, to Richell out divorce, father相关的主题文章: