Actress and beauty could not immediately sunken eye ten years old (video) 若槻ゆうか

Actress and beauty could not immediately sunken eye ten years old source: new oxygen app Zhao Liying recently aired a self timer, Miss Young had to take Bao Ying, the upright, so haggard face so no idol burden come out. The face or a small round face, but compared to the previous Zhao Liying always think what’s wrong, Zhao Liying is old eyelids sag trimming failure? Once upon a time or eyes cannot see the small double eyelid line, now become large double eyelid orbital depression also did not say. Look a lot older than before. In fact, sunken eye exposed a lot of people age, such as when Wang Ziwen played before the "Ode to joy" was Tucao too old, but in 2010 Wang Ziwen looked older, she did not expect a fat filling or ignore the orbital rejuvenation after most easily old place. There are also the same problem Zheng Shuang, plastic before the eyes of the fan is a small inside the double, the eye of the head is basically no double fold, and now has become a fine narrow parallel double fold, open the corner of the eye after the corner of the eye also changed from the tip of the. But the reason may be because she lost, also began the orbital depression, slightly in her game style is more obvious, so lengbuding hit face another natural orbital deep Yuan Quan. At this time people eat melon to eye isn’t synonymous with deep good-looking? Western beauty is all dark eye ah, a lot of people want to have a sense of the whole mixed plastic pad specially high brow to create a deep feeling of eyes! But do you misunderstood the orbital depth and eyelids sag of these two things, the true sense of the deep orbital hybrid refer once God Yan Carman Lee, her eyes and eye are deep, and not only is the upper eyelid depression. The eye deep beauty and Kristy Yeung, the side view is obvious eye eyes are deep, wearing a veil the eye is ultra recognizable. Color value of peak period of Vivian Chan orbital is also slightly deep, all cannot do without every twinkle and smile when the pair of deep eyes. Then a deep eye socket into chaos just perfect small red flowers. But also easy to look old deep eye socket. Carman Lee 19 years later as Helen of Troy had something to let people see it, the most notable old is when those young eyes hope Xi’s eyes, Vivian Chan and Carman Lee is also particularly notable old type, or by those big eyes. But now the medical beauty is so developed have what good afraid of, can fill the eyelids sag back, and filled with tear trough reason, generally with hyaluronic acid or autologous fat injection into the upper eyelid depression, feeling back ~ girl相关的主题文章: