Wang Yanlin Han Dongjun was discovered 2 kisses careless heart base boy 步步高i606

Wang Yanlin Han Dongjun was "discovered" 2 kisses "careless heart BOY" Tencent entertainment news yesterday, "2" Wu Xin the monster killer in Zhejiang Jiaxing held a media event. On the day of shooting scenes, to the scene of the media is a feast for the eyes, the drama starring Wang Yanlin staged a history of the most "hardcore" drama, special props to make full sense of the screen shot. In the process of interactive broadcast, Han Dongjun is more generous and loving Wang Yanlin kiss, "heart based BOY" brilliant index minute burst table. The incarnation of Wang Yanlin "hardcore" man "and Han Dongjun Wu Xin the monster Killer 2" fit "heart based BOY" in the "2" Wu Xin the monster killer, Gu Ji played by Wang Yanlin, is the first in the care of adults cheap adorable son, Han Dongjun played with no et al for fate to meet, and start a legend "the catch demon ji". Visit the same day, Wang Yanlin’s character is eye-opening let all people, Han Dongjun’s will into the toilet after inadvertently Yaodao caused the explosion, in addition to the destructive force is exceptionally full blown out of a "Xiang Gu Ji", as Wang Yanlin is the biggest victim of the upper and lower body are almost covered with special props the hardcore of the picture, gushing out. Although aware of the props is a mixture of sesame, making tofu curd, bananas and other materials, but the high similarity of the picture, but also let many people cannot look. But Wang Yanlin was willing to sacrifice, shooting process, did not show the slightest discomfort, professionalism is evident. In a break, and the staff also played a spoof of self, although the doormat face expression, but with a full color pistachio. Of course, in addition to bursting point and full of "deep fried Xiang drama, the most for a group of CP to steal the spotlight, is Wang Yanlin and Han Dongjun. In the interaction with users in the process of live, two people is to lose all the time to show affection, Han Dongjun is more generous with bin Wang Yanlin, kiss, never thought they turned out to be the base of the heart like BOY "". Such an atmosphere of joy, but also lit the hearts of all the girls. Wang Yanlin: the new role of repression and look forward to rely on the show has been going down from the old Gu Gu Gu, although the two roles is a father and son, but in character has a great contrast. Compared to Meng Gu Gu Gu, Wang Yanlin played Gu Gu heart play and emotional lines will be more heavy, he admits, sometimes in the process of watching the script, will feel a bit depressed. But it is precisely because of these constraints, I will look forward to the birth of this role. A new standard, for me, is also a new breakthrough." When talking about the audience can accept Gu Ji this new role, Wang Yanlin said, "I am for the role of services, and the role is for the audience service, I believe that as long as the interpretation of the role, the audience will accept you. In the performance, I have been a student, to continue to break through the acting, more accurate shape of the role of the heart, so that the best role is always the next, because I have to rely on the show has been going on."相关的主题文章: