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Zheng Chenggong’s hometown is a lost history – tourism Sohu Han hero in his mother’s home, the local people still worship. Han hero Zheng Chenggong Memorial Hall in Fujian, Taiwan, Tainan, there are. After all, he is based in Fujian to resist the Qing, when adverse situation on the occasion, led thirty thousand soldiers across the channel to Taiwan, a pioneer in the beautiful island by the Dutch, after set up the short-lived Zheng regime. However, earlier, he had been a place of childhood in Nagasaki, Japan, the city of peace, because his mother was the daughter of the local Samurai Tagawa Matsu. But when he was born, in recent years has also opened the memorial hall, next to the mother is traced to the ancestral history of Zheng Chenggong’s.. Zheng Chenggong Temple high cliff near the beach, there is Tagawa Matsu to give birth before, feel pain and seize the "birth stone", visible Han hero in his mother’s home, the local people still worship. Zheng Chenggong was born in Japan, because his father, Zheng Zhilong, was a famous sea merchant. He is the Fujian Quanzhou Nanan people, young went to Macao to engage in trade with the uncle, in the small Europe, learn Spanish, baptism, is said to play the Spanish guitar, it is extremely attractive. He came to the western North Wind Japan Hirado Island, a piece of land allocated by local lords and stayed married a Japanese wife, gave birth to two sons, the eldest son, "Forlax" to the school age, just to make it back to the Chinese reading. Not expected, son later engaged in anti fuming struggle, with early surrender of the father of hostilities, resulting in Japanese mother died in Quanzhou Anping town indignation. Tagawa Matsu and Zheng Chenggong Zheng Chenggong’s gorgeous life, early in the Tokugawa era, was adapted into a Japanese puppet show "the music", and later became a Kabuki show "Koxinga war". In Osaka in the 1715 ad the kabuki performances staged seventeen consecutive bursts, even months, for Donghai Hideo set has not changed a great fame. That year, Zheng Zhilong sailed easily to the arrival of the flat Island, and now to take a car, the train in the past, but inconvenient to arrive: from Kyushu Fukuoka Airport or Nagasaki airport, are three hours away. However, because of traffic inconvenience, has retained a good natural environment, including fish rich waters. Attitude made when the property of seafood such as halibut flatfish, squid, are extremely popular in japan. Especially, when every January to March "flounder Festival", to "cushion" compared to fresh halibut, cheap, in the city’s restaurants, hotels, accommodation and other places, to do sashimi (raw fish), or do Hot pot soup rice, different cuisine, enjoy full assurance. Live squid. In recent years, the Japanese government made, in order to revitalize the town economy, the introduction of metropolitan residents to donate to the town tax cuts "hometown tax" policy. The town was donated by local local residents to repay the support. To the top seafood with a long history and famous cattle flat city, and indeed become a home tax purposes national champion. Not surprisingly, Hirado island for one thousand years to Lord of the Matsuura family, originally from the Osaka was sent there相关的主题文章: