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100 years ago it can buy an acre of land in the late Qing Dynasty silver maid can realize their dream 100 years ago having silver can buy a mu of land in the late Qing Dynasty. The annual income of about 20 to two years of hard money can realize the dream of home ownership in 1844, the French photographer of the seamount Koon, elegant. (Figure fotoe) by Guangzhou Daily reporter Wang Yuehua this moment, not what is more exciting than the price, we go out to see the house, eat chat house, even dream will appear prices rising curve, many people said "every breath alive, are accompanied by the real price and rhythm" it is not an exaggeration. See this wave higher than the wave of emotional turmoil, as a young woman in love alone, I can not help but have a curiosity, the old Guangzhou has been developed in commerce and trade, the previous price is how a situation? In the past, is not sleep in the dream can not be separated from a house? With these questions, I took a thick book, came to a hundred years ago luxury enclave of Guangzhou — lizhiwan. At the   mansion; elegant nobility chose lizhiwan, because it is Guangzhou’s oldest "mansion" gathering area, is now a lot of people envy the Dongshan villas in Xiguan big house owner’s eyes, but is not to say "the bright younger generation, small wall painting of ancient trees" even if the kind of. You know, litchi Bay mansion’s history can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty, a man named Zheng Congdang in the late Tang Dynasty official ruled in Guangzhou during the period, in here to repair the garden, because lychee trees, so take a name, called fatima. By the time of the Five Dynasties, here has become the Southern Han Kingdom Royal Palace, now developers advertising, motionless "Royal Style", the real royal style in fact at, but drowned in the long river of history. The late Tang Dynasty and Five Dynasties history too far, said many also did not mean too much, now about 100 years ago. The first is the Jiaqing period (during the first half of nineteenth Century, the famous doctor Qiu Xi about) in "driven" at the site of the seat cover and small gardens, named "dragon pearl garden" was later renamed "fengjiangdali ruanyuan Tang liyuan". After a few years, Tang Liyuan by businessman Pan Shicheng Pan Shicheng after the acquisition, continuous expansion of the repairs, finally built a magnificent seamount koon. Pan Shicheng after the business failed, seamounts Koon auction, here is a businessman named Huang Jingtang returnees built a fine house — small boats and fast. Then, here is the merchant Chen Lian Bo, Chen Lianzhong brothers built a "Chen mansion", Chinese and Western, residence in the mountain is known as the "south of the Five Ridges mountain wonders representative". In short, litchi Bay mansion not only magnificent weather, but also pays special attention to the cultural taste. Capable of "mother"   also can buy buy to see here, the reader may say, you mentioned that the property owner all financial strength, whether prices are more expensive, they buy is not like buying cabbage like? Interestingly, when the price is not expensive for many people, according to the historical time, buy "Qiu Zhu Yuan" plots in Qiu Xi’s Theory相关的主题文章: